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Chilling on the Promenade

June 24, 2010

Foreground: "Flight Attendant" by Fernando Luis Alvarez, Background: "Young Warhol" by Daniel Paige

Stamford Downtown’s Bedford Street Promenade kicked off successfully, two weekends in a row.  Last Saturday, the Gallery team hung out around Bedford Street treating the public to some fine art and refreshing beverages.

Perhaps one of my favorite moments of the night, was when a group of kids came running up to the sculpture by Alejandro Hernandez and exclaimed, “COOL!”  Seeing that piece of bronze, which I’ve passed by so many times in the Gallery,  through their eyes completely changed my perspective on everything surrounding me.  The paintings became monumental, their size overtaking the space like some story-book giant.  The colors, settling into the evening light, pulsed and shone with new brilliancy.  Seeing the wonder of the art around me, through the perspective of a child, completely reformed the world.

Painting by Rex Prescott Walden, sculptures by Alejandro Hernandez and visiting artist, Adam Grant

I loved observing onlookers as they took in the giant canvases we set up on Bedford Street.  Their reactions ranged from shock to wonder to confusion to amazement.

"Flight Attendant" by Fernando Luis Alvarez

Next Saturday, June 26th, marks the summer’s last weekend for the Bedford Street Promenade.  We hope you’ll all come out and visit us at the Gallery as well celebrate the end to this event!

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