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Accidental Show: August 12th from 6-8 PM

August 2, 2010

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  1. August 7, 2010 11:25 pm

    I’m looking forward to showing at FLA Gallery and appreciate the opportunity!

    Here are statements from my last few shows. See you down in Stamford!

    WAC, SOLOS Show
    “Konsterlie’s work also incorporates documentation in paintings that resemble the studies of a scientist exploring the layers and compartments of the human body. In Konsterlie’s work, the artist’s process is intentionally transparent – which he mirrors in his compositions’ through visible transparent washes of the paint and dissected layers in his presentation of the human body.”

    Amy Mackie, Asstisant Curator New Museum, Art 21

    “I was immediately drawn to the dynamic composition of Konsterlie’s work. The paint and color create an interaction and depth most likely achieved through great effort and skill. Konsterlie’s style demonstrates an interest in historical abstract painting and experimentation.”

    Leslie Shaffer, Executive Director Artspace, Corcoran Gallery

    Radius Exhibition, Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
    “Konsterlie employs medical diagrams of the human body, taking already abstracted anatomical information and reinterpreting it in an intuitive and expressionistic manner. The artist utilizes a variety of techniques, including spray painting through stencils and accidents involving controlled drips and fluid staining of the canvas. Konsterlie transforms what might be merely grotesque into the strangely beautiful, with compositions that speak of the fragility of the human body.“

    Richard Klein, Exhibitions Director Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

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