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RECAP: Women Artists Rock It at NEXT WOMEN Show

September 22, 2010

Contemporary Artists Marina Shrady, Fernando Luis Alvarez, and Dina Pizzarello in front of Pizzarello's "Lascha Stare"

Torrential downpour and a 2-hour lock-down of the city for the President’s visit did not deter nearly 100 art-fans from showing up to the opening of the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery’s NEXT WOMEN show. Last Thursday, the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery hosted their fifth show since December 2009, in tribute to the international talent of their female artists and the internal message of the Gallery: empowering women.

When Fernando Luis Alvarez first opened the Gallery in December 2009, the cornerstone mission of the company was to empower its artists and employees. He saw the gallery space as a floor plan to not only create a market for art, but also to create a creative place that could positively influence everyone who encountered it. He focused on selecting artists that he knows he can help grow– those who are willing to take risks and are still malleable, regardless of their age or status. By doing so, Alvarez gives power to thought and innovation, creating an atmosphere where the freedom to explore and create is what fuels and drives each employee and artist. By being somewhat laissez-faire, the Gallery becomes more about those involved in running it than about its namesake.

With NEXT WOMEN, Alvarez chose to highlight the dynamic talent of women contemporary artists. The opening showcased four works by famed sculptor Louise Nevelson, a new exhibit by Marija Pavlovska titled Doppler Effect, and the work of international artists Damla Tokcan Faro, Elena Kalman, Dina Pizzarello, and Marina Shrady.

The flow of wine kept up with the foot traffic as a steady rotation of visitors filled the room, from collectors to aficionados to art-newcomers. The jazz ensemble Round Midnight entertained attendees as they mingled with the artists.

Foreground: "Focus IV" by Damla Tokcan Faro / Background: "Peninsula" and "Iris" by Marina Shrady

Wine glasses


Louise Nevelson, Left: "The Wind's Bastinado" / Right: "By the Lake"

Artist Elena Kalman

Marija Pavlovska

Jazz Group: Round Midnight

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