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In the Studio: Marija Pavlovska

August 10, 2010

Artist Marija Pavlovska is spending time at the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery Studio, working on new material for her next show.

Macedonian-born Pavlovska comes from a family of creatives.  Her father is an established artist and her sister a classically trained pianist.  Pavlovska herself has achieved international success.  After earning both her Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees in Fine Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, Macedonia; Pavlovska took up residency in Paris and Vienna, employed as an artist-in-residence to develop her talent.  Afterwards, she moved around Europe until finally venturing to the United States, moving to New York City, where she lives, today.

Pavlovska creates works that display polar opposites: light and dark, full and empty, black and white.  Each piece is a meditation on creation, and each stroke of her brush is a gesture at conveying a beginning.  Her forms bridge a gap between dreaming and seeing that hypnotize its observer.  Each work is a story reverberating deep inside the artist.

Pavlovska absolutely embodies the image of the artist.  With her black clothing, swept-back hair, and makeup-less face, she looks exactly like a modern-day Georgia O’Keefe.  Like her painting, Pavlovska can be described as having two very distinct personalities.  In one moment, she is bursting with energy.  You feel the vibration within her as you watch her hands articulate what her words cannot.  Her voice is loud and confident as she talks about her paintings.  Then, there’s the quiet Maria.  Reserved and observant, eyes slightly cast-down and hands tucked into her chest, her stillness is riveting.

For the next several weeks, we are providing her the space to create.   Portions will be unveiled during our show this Thursday from 6 to 8pm.


Gallery Artist Sid Tawadey Wins London Photography Award

August 5, 2010

English Summer by Siddhartha Tawadey

Photographer Siddhartha Tawadey  is the recent recipient of the London Photography Award for 2010.  What makes this even more significant is that he is the very first Indian photographer chosen for the award.  Tawadey’s work will be on display at the 3 Bedfordbury Gallery in Covent Garden.

In an interview with The Sunday Guardian, Delhi, Tawadey characterized the work as, “English Summer epitomizes the summers in England, where there is a mixture of rain and sunshine.  The light and shadow play in the image, reflecting the central theme in London, which is hope and pessimism.”

His unique eye, which plays with what Tawadey calls “ordinary vision,” is able to capture the truly nondescript and focus it in an extraordinary way.  Like a scientist in his lab, he plays with his images, using various methods to expand the photo beyond its physical frame.  Tawadey’s work is available at the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery, which serves as his exclusive representation in North America.

Accidental Show: August 12th from 6-8 PM

August 2, 2010

Setting Philadelphia Afire

July 29, 2010

photo by Todd Taylor

As the lights dimmed in Le Méridien Philadelphia‘s main ballroom, a striking figure clad in a tailored suit took the stage, positioned himself in front of a canvas set against the black curtain, and began to paint. In an elaborate theatrical performance incorporating music, dance, and speed-painting, local contemporary artist Fernando Luis Alvarez set the city of Philadelphia afire.  Gossip columnist for Philadelphia Magazine’s The Philly Post Blog, HughE Dillon, said that Alvarez “didn’t disappoint as he put on quite a show.”

On Thursday, July 22nd, Alvarez was invited to host an event at the Philadelphia hot spot, as the hotel has been displaying his work in their main lobby and restaurant, Amuse, since May. The actual performance was a conceptual piece specifically designed by Alvarez. Its purpose is to explore the duality of his life as both a businessman and an artist. The audience is transported to his studio after a long day at work; Alvarez appears on-stage wearing a business suit, not unlike those he wore during his years as a Senior Business Consultant, with his canvas and paints awaiting his touch. Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” kicks on and Alvarez begins his frenzy, painting his trademark Lips as two female dancers– like so many women before them– try to tempt his focus away from his art. As the performance progresses, the women rip the suit off his body to reveal a gorgeously designed matador costume. The piece finishes with his red Lips blazing on the canvas, and the final chords of “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones echoing throughout the room.

A captive audience of Philadelphia media, Le Méridien management, design professionals, collectors, and local executives were there to witness the performance.  A truly spectacular night, the Gallery is anticipating our next event to showcase Alvarez’s work.

We’d like to thank the entire Le Méridien staff, GM Evan Evans, Joe Shingler, Senrio Catering Sales Manager Jonathan Hagens, the Le Méridien Catering team, the hotel engineers, and AV guys Chris and Dan.  We’d also like to give special props to Christopher Conboy Jr, Design Services Consultant to HEI Hotels & Resorts; dancers Christine Onyiah and Zhenya Plekhanova; Annie Heckenberger and the rest of the Red Tettemer team; and our very own Gallery Girls.

Fernando Luis Alvarez at Le Meridien Philadelphia

July 20, 2010

Fundraiser and Art Auction at the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery

July 12, 2010

Open Call: Dance Auditions at the Gallery

June 30, 2010

Starting today, June 30th, the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery will be holding dance auditions at our downtown Stamford location for an upcoming event with Gallery artist, Fernando Luis Alvarez.  We are looking for 6 female dancers to take part in a performance piece at the event.  Though this will be unpaid, it is a remarkable opportunity with potential to turn into a paying, traveling gig.

About the Tour
— The event takes place at one the country’s top luxury brands
— All travel, accommodation and meal expenses are paid for by the Gallery
— The dancing crew will travel with the Gallery to the event

— All applicants must have a fire and hunger for greatness and an admirable team work ethic.
— Due to the nature of the performance, the professional dancers we are looking for are preferred to be ballerinas or with some experience in that line of dancing.
— Dancers will practice with the artist 4-6 days a week from July 6th to July 20th for 4 hours a day
— The age requirement is 17-30.
— All underage (<18) dancers must get written parental consent.

Audition Times
Wed, June, 30th: 3PM
Thurs, July, 1st: 2PM
Fri, July, 2nd: 12 noon
Sat, July, 3rd: 8AM

To try out for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, be at 96 Bedford St., Stamford, CT, 06901 on any of the above dates. We will make a selection of 15 dancers before our final cut, so your chance of being a part of this greatly diminishes by the last day.