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Chilling on the Promenade

June 24, 2010

Foreground: "Flight Attendant" by Fernando Luis Alvarez, Background: "Young Warhol" by Daniel Paige

Stamford Downtown’s Bedford Street Promenade kicked off successfully, two weekends in a row.  Last Saturday, the Gallery team hung out around Bedford Street treating the public to some fine art and refreshing beverages.

Perhaps one of my favorite moments of the night, was when a group of kids came running up to the sculpture by Alejandro Hernandez and exclaimed, “COOL!”  Seeing that piece of bronze, which I’ve passed by so many times in the Gallery,  through their eyes completely changed my perspective on everything surrounding me.  The paintings became monumental, their size overtaking the space like some story-book giant.  The colors, settling into the evening light, pulsed and shone with new brilliancy.  Seeing the wonder of the art around me, through the perspective of a child, completely reformed the world.

Painting by Rex Prescott Walden, sculptures by Alejandro Hernandez and visiting artist, Adam Grant

I loved observing onlookers as they took in the giant canvases we set up on Bedford Street.  Their reactions ranged from shock to wonder to confusion to amazement.

"Flight Attendant" by Fernando Luis Alvarez

Next Saturday, June 26th, marks the summer’s last weekend for the Bedford Street Promenade.  We hope you’ll all come out and visit us at the Gallery as well celebrate the end to this event!

Come Visit the Gallery This Saturday!

June 10, 2010

This Saturday, June 12th, launches Stamford Downtown’s Bedford Street Promenade.  From 4PM to 11PM, Bedford Street will be closed to traffic and transformed into one gigantic pedestrian mall.  Local businesses are displaying their wares, bands are playing in the open air, and the Gallery is open for business.  Come in, hang out, view our collection, and take home your very own piece of art.  Chat with our Gallery staff and learn more about the many ways in which we are bring Art-with-a-capital-A to Bedford Street.

Smacking Those Lips on Stamford: FLA Gallery and Operation Smile

June 8, 2010

This weekend, Fernando will be painting his full, pouting lips on one of Stamford’s signal boxes.  The beautification project, spearheaded by Stamford Downtown Special Services District, pays artists to paint one of the hulking, gray boxes marring the aesthetic of downtown Stamford.  However, instead of keeping the money, Fernando is donating all proceeds to Operation Smile.

Fernando grew up fascinated by a person’s mouth more than any other physical characteristic.  He would study someone’s lips the way in which most people study someone’s eyes.  As an artist, he turned this fascination into an aesthetic, painting gorgeous, pouting, red lips on his canvases.  The lips are full and Cupid’s-bowed, conveying an ideal of feminine beauty and strength.  When Fernando first heard of Operation Smile, an international charity that funds and performs corrective surgery on children with cleft conditions, he knew that this was something he needed to support in his art.

And so, on Sunday, he will paint his full-red lips on the town of Stamford, in support of Operation Smile and all the good it does for the mouths of the world.

Fernando’s signal box is located in front of RBS Worldpay, at 600 Washington Blvd, Stamford, CT.  Please come into the Gallery to learn more about Alvarez’s project and Operation Smile.  We are accepting check-only donations that may be made payable to Operation Smile.

Sandella’s Grand Opening: Another Step in Bringing Back Bedford Street

June 3, 2010

Today, Sandella’s Flatbread Cafe had their grand-opening at their Bedford Street location, mere steps from our gallery storefront.  Sandella’s prides themselves on offering healthy food that incorporates all-fresh ingredient, without sacrificing spice and flavor.  We showed up in support of our fellow entrepreneurs and creative-types, and celebrated with them yet another landmark opening in bringing back Bedford Street to its former vibrancy.  It was wonderful to see so many people crowded in the cafe, swilling Evian and Merlot, munching through deliciously crisp Buffalo Chicken Paninis, fresh and flavorful Hummus Wraps, and sublimely-sweet Chocolate Chip Cookies.  The purveyors of Stamford’s newest establishment really knew how to welcome their guests.

When the Gallery opened in December 2009, the owner, Fernando Luis Alvarez, just knew that this was the first step in a full-on revival.  By bringing the arts back to downtown Stamford, Fernando helped pioneer the way towards waking up the once sleepy streets.  We are so happy that our new neighbors have pulled of such a successful opening.

Walk Through Wonderland

May 27, 2010

"Grass is Greener... III" by Damla Tokcan Faro

All in the golden afternoon
Full leisurely we glide;
For both our oars, with little skill,
By little arms are plied,
While little hands make vain pretence
Our wanderings to guide.

–Lewis Carroll

Damla Tokcan Faro‘s art is like looking into the pages of a storybook sprung to life.  There is a vivacity and a whimsy that she had captured with her lens, shot in a manner that suspends time, but not movement.  Her characters play and leap about the frame, and the colors speak of something both natural and supernatural; they are the objects of fantasy.

In her series titled Wonderland, Faro invokes the manic, playful, violent, and whimsical world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.  From bodies twirling to bloody knees, there is a sense of panic and wonder in every frame.

Faro has the unique vision of a vibrant childhood imagination combined with a wisdom that can only come with age and experience.

Arch Street’s Lip Lift

May 25, 2010

Le Méridien Philadelphia and the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery partner to showcase three paintings from contemporary artist, Fernando Luis Alvarez, in HEI Hotels and Resorts’ landmark hotel. This alliance is the Gallery’s first step in promoting their new art-leasing program for businesses and organizations.

PHILADELPHIA, PA– Prominently displayed in the lobby of the newly-opened Le Méridien Hotel on Philadelphia’s historic Arch Street, are three works by Colombian-American artist, Fernando Luis Alvarez. These works feature Alvarez’s trademark lips, which radiate out from the canvas and envelope the observer in the luxury of the space.

Christopher Conboy Jr., Design Services Consultant for HEI Hotels and Resorts, which owns and operates Le Méridien Philadelphia, states that the company is “committed to enhancing the hotel guest experience by focusing on excellent design and amenities at each of their properties… [and] recognizes that fine art on display in the public spaces at LE MÉRIDIEN PHILADELPHIA is an ideal way to cater to the discerning LE MÉRIDIEN guest.”

The three works selected for the hotel are Ross Mich, Village Lipstick, and She Marulanda. Chosen for their sensuous curves and lush colors, Alvarez’s large-format paintings compliment the striking architecture of the new hotel.

My trademark Lips are an expression of the beauty and power of the female form. They fill the space of the canvas in a way that causes the eye to undulate back and forth, mimicking the wonderful curves of a woman’s body,” Alvarez states. “I am ecstatic to have these pieces featured in such a gorgeous space as Le Méridien, and am proud to be a part of Philadelphia’s contemporary art community.”

With its rich wood and modern accents, Le Méridien Philadelphia’s main lobby, restaurant, and bar offer an urban oasis in the heart of the city’s business district. Alvarez’s paintings will hang on view in these spaces for patrons and public, alike.

Fun Facts:

  • Le Méridien is the first hotel in Philadelphia to display Alvarez’s work.
  • Alvarez has recently entered into partnerships with Saks 5th Avenue and Chanel, and completed a live-action speed-painting show with Chanel for the launch of their newest lipstick line.
  • Alvarez owns and operates the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery in Stamford, Connecticut, a show space and market place for first-year and break-through contemporary artists.
  • In conjunction with this release, the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery would like to announce the start of their new leasing program, which allows companies and organizations to lease works of art from any of the Gallery’s represented artists for an agreed-upon time period and fee. Parties interested in the leasing program should contact the Gallery at 1.888.861.6791 or Hanna Shea at hshea [at] fernandoluisalvarezgallery [dot] com.

Press inquiries can contact Rebecca Hansen, at rhansen [at] fernandoluisalvarezgallery [dot] com.

4 Continents: Pictures from an Opening Night

May 13, 2010

photo by MilkMan Productions Photography

Our May 6th Opening featured the works of Adam Grant, Siddhartha Tawadey, Damla T. Faro, and Fernando Ferreira de Araujo.  The collections, still available at the Gallery, represent four different cultural and artistic perspectives.  From soft focus framing of a woman on an ornate balcony to disjointed images patched together forming a story of gold, each artist harnesses their sense of light and form to create stimulating images that resonate a sense of color, motion, and poetry.

The opening, held at our Bedford Street space, attracted over 120 visitors who took the opportunity to mingle with artists Grant and Tawadey, as well as gallery owner, Fernando Luis Alvarez, and staff, Hanna Shea and Stephanie Harris.

Joao “MilkMan” Carlos posted photos of the night on his blog.

photo by MilkMan Productions Photography

photo by MilkMan Productions Photography